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SageCollab is a tool that helps people and teams of all sizes stay connected, productive, and innovative. It's a smart and organized space where you can easily share, retain, and build upon knowledge for yourself, your department, and your organization.

Create, Share, & Discover Prompts

Create, manage, and share AI prompts, or discover new prompts curated by our community to boost productivity

Create together. Work better.

It’s not just a conversation anymore. Add your notes to the responses from ChatGPT so that you can easily refer back and make sense of it.

Share your chat with team mates and collaborate. All team members can continue the AI chat and join the discussion.

Quick Prompts Shortcut

Quickly generate prompts using shortcuts such as /promptname for effortless insertion. Say goodbye to repetitive typing and hello to consistency.

Organize prompts

Easily find your chat history through tagging your chats. You can also search through your chat history by title and the chat content itself.

Saved your chats to SageCollab. Everything is saved to our database so you will never lose the history.

All features

Discover all our features to meet your team’s needs.

Create/share useful prompt templates with team members

User friendly prompt template designer

Explore and install prompt templates from the Template Marketplace

Tag your chats

Search through chat history, filter by tag

Export to PDF

Share your chat

Engage in discussion within the chat

Save prompts for easy re-use

Hundred of ways to integrate, and counting

Connect SageCollab to the tools your teams use the most so everyone works seamlessly in one place.



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Gemini Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SageCollab use my data for training?

When you use SageCollab with OpenAI, your data is private. Details on OpenAI privacy: https://openai.com/enterprise-privacy/

If you use SageCollab with Gemini, your data is private if using the Paid Gemini Pro API key. If you use a Free Gemini Pro API key, your prompts and responses could be used for improving Google products. Details on Gemini API terms: https://ai.google.dev/gemini-api/terms

We use Railway for data storage and infrastructure to maintain security and compliance.

Details on Railway security and compliance: https://docs.railway.app/maturity/compliance

SageCollab currently supports OpenAI and Google Gemini Pro. 

We are currently working to support LLM from AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Mistral AI, Stability AI, and Amazon through AWS Bedrock.

Empower your Team with SageCollab

Empower AI chats and knowledge management. Store, categorize, and search AI chat history; enrich with personalized notes, foster team collaboration, and harness the potential of prompt templates.