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We are actively looking to work with prompt engineering enthusiasts, technology, education and industry partners to build the largest generative AI community together.

Industry Partners

Partner with us to create prompt templates for your industry. You get brand recognition in our prompt template marketplace.

HR practitioner? We can work on prompt templates that help HR managers and job hunters.

You teach science? We can work on prompt templates that help educators and learners.

Training institute? We can work together to provide generative AI workshops for your learners.

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Generative AI Enthusiasts

Passionate about generative AI?

We are building the largest generative AI community and need all the help we can get.

Get in touch with us to share your idea on how we can work together and spread the love of generative AI!

Technology Partner

SageCollab is powered by Azure OpenAI.

We are excited to explore more ways to take generative AI to the next level through new technology innovations, integrations and other AI models.

Let's grow the generative AI industry together!

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Partner with us

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