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Our team is here to support you on generative AI solutions.


We work with your teams and departments to identify areas that generative AI can bring productivity gains.

Account setup and user onboarding

Hand holding process of setting up your enterprise account and user accounts.

Prompt engineering support

We work together with your team to structure out the prompts that work best for your use cases.

Enterprise account overview

Admin can oversee AI chats of all enterprise users. This helps with moderation and control abuse.

Standardised prompt templates

Enterprise prompt templates are shared across the entire team for consistency in your organisation's AI chat.

Prompt template setup

We work with you to create prompt templates that bring productivity to your organisation.

AI Agents

Integrate SageCollab to execute multistep tasks across company systems and data sources.

Custom Model

Fine-tune existing large language models for your organisation. Or import your proprietary model.

Knowledge Base

Provide contextual information from your company’s private data sources for RAG to deliver more relevant, accurate, and customized responses.