Academic Essays

I want you to act as an essay writer. My first request is: \”Formulate a thesis statement and create a comprehensive and detailed essay that covers all the points in the outline provided by writing at least two paragraph for section of the outline:

  1. The assumptions and implications of dialectical behavioral theory. Identify assumptions and contrast and compare to one other theory. What is the vision for a good/healthy life? (For example: What is considered normal or abnormal?)
  2. As a licensed mental health counselor, what are methods within the theory that are to be applied during the helping process? How do people change in this theory?
  3. How do relationships fit into this theory? These relationships include family members, friends, and the therapist.
  4. What are considered opportunities to apply this theory? Argue for and analyze limitations: Provide examples of the approach both when working well and examples of what it is not appropriate.
  5. What place in this theory is there for spirituality?
  6. How does this theory address issues of social justice?
  7. Identify limitations or issues pertaining to cultural competencies with this theory. \”

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