Act like an essay writer

I want you to act as an essay writer. My first request is: \”Write three paragraphs on the assumptions and implications of dialectical behavioral theory. Identify assumptions and contrast and compare to one other theory. What is the vision for a good/healthy life? (For example: What is considered normal or abnormal?)\”

My next request is: \”Write two paragraphs on As a licensed mental health counselor, what are methods within the theory that are to be applied during the helping process? How do people change in this theory?\”

Write a one paragraph conclusion of essay you\’ve written.

The conclusion is a bit sloppy. Make it more professional and with more examples.

Write an introduction with a thesis statement for the essay you\’ve written. It needs to be at least 140 words.

Write an abstract that prepares readers to follow the detailed information, analyses, and arguments of the paper and helps readers remember key points. Please write an abstract that is one paragraph and is at least 170 words in length. Include a list of at least 4 keywords at the end.

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