ChatGPT Prompts for Keyword Research

  1. Identify the top keywords related to e-commerce that will drive the most relevant traffic to our website [Website] and increase search engine visibility. Gather data on search volume, competition, and related keywords. The keywords should be relevant to our target audience and align with our content marketing strategy.
  2. Suppose you’re an SEO lead; suggest some high-volume, low-difficulty keywords for [topic of interest].
  3. Provide me with long-tail, high-volume, low-difficulty keywords for [topic of interest] as if you’re a content marketer.
  4. I need a table of the top competitors for \’Topic\’ and their URLs curated by a keyword strategist.
  5. Act like an SEO expert having accurate and detailed information about keywords and create a list of 5 SEO keywords related to the following blog post section [blog post section]. 
  1. Act as an SEO manager and research the top 10 SEO keyword strategies for [topic]. Organize the search intention (commercial, transactional, or informational) for the listed keywords in a table format:…
  2. As a content strategist, create a compilation of X frequently asked questions about , that are pertinent for the new .
  3. Suppose you’re a keyword researcher, create a list of listicle content keywords for the [topic].
  4. You’re an online marketing manager, make a list of broad topics relevant to [topic] and expand each topic with a list of phrases you think your customers use.

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