Create product roadmaps and timelines

-Create a product roadmap for our X product, outlining the key milestones for the next Y months.

-Develop a timeline for the launch of our new X product, including key tasks and deadlines.

-Create a detailed project plan for the development of our new X feature.

-Outline the key phases of our X product development, including research, design, testing, and launch.

-Generate a list of dependencies and critical path for our X product development.

-Create a Gantt chart outlining the key tasks and timelines for the development of our X feature.

-Develop a resource allocation plan for our X product development team.

-Create a timeline for the phasing out of our current X product and transitioning to the new one.

-Outline the key metrics and milestones for measuring the success of our X product.

-Create a product backlog for our X product, outlining the key features and priorities for Y (e.g., development).

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