Generate full score files for new songs

abc is a language for specifying music using plain ascii text. The following are examples of the use of ABC notation to store a melody:


T:Joshua fought the battle of Jericho



%%MIDI transpose – 14

%%MIDI program 67

%%MIDI chordprog 1 octave=2

%%MIDI bassprog 1 octave =2



\”Dm\”D^CDE FF G2|\”Dm\”A A2 A-A4|\”A7\”G G2 G-G4|\”Dm\”A A2 A-A41

\”Dm\”D^CDE FF G2|\”Dm\”A A2 A-A2 FG|\”A7\”A2 G2 F2 E2|\”Dm\”D6\” ^ Fine\”||dd

\”Dm\”dA AA A3 Al\”Dm\”A A3- \”A7\”A2 AA|\”Dm\”AA AA A2 A2|\”A7\”A6 ^c21

\”D\”d2 A2 \”A7\”A A3|\”D\”A2 A2- \”A7\”A2 AA|\”Dm\”AA G2 \”A7\”E2 D2|\”Dm\”D8|]

%%writefields N


T: The Legacy Jig




K: G

GFG BAB | gfg gab | GFG BAB | d2A AFD |

GFG BAB | gfg gab | age edB |1 dBA AFD :12 dBA ABd I: efe edB | dBA ABd | efe edB | gdB ABd | efe edB | d2d def | gfe edB |1 dBA ABd : 2 dBA AFD |]

Lines in the first part of the tune notation, beginning with a letter followed by a colon, indicate various aspects of the tune such as the index. when there is more than one tune in a file (X), the title (T:) the time signature (M:), the default note length (L:), the type of tune (R:) and the key (K:). Lines following the key designation represent the tune.

Take all of the above into consideration, and then, reasoning by analogy and your extensive knowledge of music theory, extend it to a new song. Produce the full output of the resulting score file below, with the new title in the first line after \”T:\”

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