SageCollab feature update – Aug 8 2023

Feature Updates

[Important Update] SageCollab is now rebranded as SageCollab.

This is the first official feature update for SageCollab and we shall cover all the features available. 

Future posts regarding features updates will only include changes to existing features and new features.

SageCollab Free Tier

  • Save, categorise and search your AI chats
  • Share your chats for team collaboration
  • Add notes and discuss on your AI chats
  • Save prompts and prompt templates for re-use
  • Prompt template marketplace
  • Set your OpenAI API key for chat
  • Limited to 10 chats (no limit on replies)

SageCollab Standard Tier

  • Everything from free plan
  • No limits to chats and replies
  • Free tokens 1,000,000 per month (ChatGPT3.5 model)
  • Top up more tokens at USD 12 for 1,000,000 tokens
  • Unused tokens rollover to next month
  • Option to use your OpenAI API key
  • Subscribe at USD $9/month

SageCollab Enterprise Tier

  • Everything from standard plan
  • Setup unlimited enterprise user accounts to share the same OpenAI API key
  • Oversee chat history of enterprise user
  • Prompt templates shared with all enterprise users
  • Contact us at for customised package