Create a [type of art] In the style of [artist] on [medium] that looks like a [context]. [Write out what you want the visual to look like]


I want to optimize my [Twitter/LinkedIn] profile to attract [audience]. Give me 10 types of background photos I should use that will resonate with [audience] in [industry].


Write a song about a gnome-like creature called the CandyMan, using the abc notation (include lyrics and melody). Make sure that you vary the melody on every line, with only a couple repeats allowed.


abc is a language for specifying music using plain ascii text. The following are examples of the use of ABC notation to store a melody:


T:Joshua fought the battle of Jericho



%%MIDI transpose – 14

%%MIDI program 67

%%MIDI chordprog 1 octave=2

%%MIDI bassprog 1 octave =2



\”Dm\”D^CDE FF G2|\”Dm\”A A2 A-A4|\”A7\”G G2 G-G4|\”Dm\”A A2 A-A41

\”Dm\”D^CDE FF G2|\”Dm\”A A2 A-A2 FG|\”A7\”A2 G2 F2 E2|\”Dm\”D6\” ^ Fine\”||dd

\”Dm\”dA AA A3 Al\”Dm\”A A3- \”A7\”A2 AA|\”Dm\”AA AA A2 A2|\”A7\”A6 ^c21

\”D\”d2 A2 \”A7\”A A3|\”D\”A2 A2- \”A7\”A2 AA|\”Dm\”AA G2 \”A7\”E2 D2|\”Dm\”D8|]

%%writefields N


T: The Legacy Jig




K: G

GFG BAB | gfg gab | GFG BAB | d2A AFD |

GFG BAB | gfg gab | age edB |1 dBA AFD :12 dBA ABd I: efe edB | dBA ABd | efe edB | gdB ABd | efe edB | d2d def | gfe edB |1 dBA ABd : 2 dBA AFD |]

Lines in the first part of the tune notation, beginning with a letter followed by a colon, indicate various aspects of the tune such as the index. when there is more than one tune in a file (X), the title (T:) the time signature (M:), the default note length (L:), the type of tune (R:) and the key (K:). Lines following the key designation represent the tune.

Take all of the above into consideration, and then, reasoning by analogy and your extensive knowledge of music theory, extend it to a new song. Produce the full output of the resulting score file below, with the new title in the first line after \”T:\”


Pretend you are the world-class musician Walter Becker and you want to compose a cool guitar solo. Because you want to all the music into a computer, you want to put the music in a format where you Indicate the fret number, string number, duration in milliseconds of each note, and start time in seconds of each note in the solo assuming standard guitar tuning. Show the first 30 notes of the solo in the table below:


Make the following chord progression sound more like ancient Greek music: Cmaj7 Gsus2/B Bbmai7 Fsus2/A Dmai7 Asus2/C# Cmai7 Gsus2/B Ebmai7 E7#9

Please specify particular chords to replace some of the chords in the series I supplied above.


Make the following chord progression sound more Polynesian:

Cmaj7 Gsus2/B Bbmaj7 Fsus2/A Dmai7 Asus2/C# Cmai7 Gsus2/B Ebmai7 E7#9

Please specify specific chords that you propose to replace one or more of the chords listed above. You don\’t need to explain your answer.


Modify the following chord progression to make it more like Bach:

G6/ F#7#9 F6/ E7#9 Eb6| D7#9

Cmai7 Gsus2/B Cmai7 Gsus2

Fmai7 Csus2 Fmaj7 Csus2


An illustration of a Viking sitting on a rock, dramatic lighting, The Viking sat on a rocky outcropping overlooking the sea, his long blonde hair blowing in the salty breeze. He was a massive man, with broad shoulders and powerful muscles that rippled beneath his fur cloak. His beard was thick and well-groomed, and his piercing blue eyes gazed out at the ocean with fierce determination. He was clad in heavy armor made of iron and steel, with a sword and shield at his side. His helmet was adorned with horns, and his boots were made of thick leather. He looked the fierce warrior every bit, ready to battle against anyone who dared to challenge him. The Viking sat with his legs crossed, one hand resting on the hilt of his sword and the other on the handle of his shield. He was at ease, but ready for anything. The ocean may have been vast and unforgiving, but the Viking was unafraid. He was a master of the sea, and he would conquer whatever lay before him, dramatic lighting, wide-angle


Christmas village, magical, enchanting, wreaths, snow-covered streets, colorful buildings, sparkling, charming, detailed, glittery, shiny, twinkling lights, festive, ornate, traditional, whimsical, Christmastide, highly detailed, hyperrealistic, illustration, Unreal Engine 5,8K