Zapier integration

Zapier Integration with SageCollab

SageCollab now supports integration with 6,000+ apps powered by Zapier. 

Zapier action:

This is a free integration and supports the action of creating a new AI chat in SageCollab. You will be able to set the chat category so that it can be labelled correctly in SageCollab. And the AI chat is supported by Gemini Pro 1.0.

When setting up your Zap action, you will be asked for your SageCollab Access Key. This key can be created at You will need an active SageCollab account.

You will be able to label your SageCollab Access Key and also set an expiry date for the key.

After creating the SageCollab Access Key, paste it into the Zapier popup window.

When setting up the Action, you will be able to use data supported by the Trigger and also customise your prompt. At the time of this writing, only Gemini model is supported, so be sure to setup your Gemini key in SageCollab (guide) first. 

Tags refer to the chat category in SageCollab. Separate each tag with a comma. 

After setting up the SageCollab action, run the test and you are good to go!